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Knifepoint Horror

Tales of supernatural suspense written and produced by Soren Narnia.

The text of these stories is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA.


Also by the author: the podcast 'Those Snowy Nights You Read to Me, They'll Never Be Forgotten.'

Oct 13, 2017

Two tales of Knifepoint Horror, and two radio plays.

1. thrifting (00:38)

2. radio play: “Report on an Unidentified Space Station,” adapted from the short story by J.G. Ballard (8:39)

3. west (25:54)

4. radio play: “The Cleaver” (44:45)

The Captain -and- John Graham: Jason Hill

Suzanne: Ariel Alexa Sullivan

Gillian: Amy Paonessa (of The Bloodlust podcast)

Father Walls: Teddy Ray Bullard

Therapist: Kalem Murray

Diane Fora: Susan Wallace

Mr. Loring: Brian Lillie

Master of Ceremonies: Justy Gee (of The Starless podcast) 

Music: Kevin MacLeod ( "Tempting Secrets" and "Gymnopedie No. 2" licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License 

Additional music: “The King of Love My Shepherd Is,” Choir of the King’s School

From listener and graphic designer Travis Roberts, this new design:

And from Mandey Brown, a depiction of the church from west: 

Mandey Brown on Instagram: mandeyfromzogs